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Two forgotten facts while preparing for a baby

Alhmadulellah, I’m 24 weeks pregnant! And ever since I’ve found out, I’ve been devouring every pregnancy guide/app/video that I could find. With all this research I found little to no Islamic guide for this miraculous journey, and I felt like I couldn’t be the only one struggling with this. So I set a goal to… Continue reading Two forgotten facts while preparing for a baby

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Why we shouldn’t use the term “Islamic terrorism”

I recently read a bizarre article discussing the issue of refusing(!) to call recent terror attacks in Paris, USA, Africa and the Middle East: “Islamic terrorism” by political world leaders. The article raised two main points: Behind not calling the recent terror attacks “Islamic terrorism”, there’s half-a-century of academic narcissism which is the result of… Continue reading Why we shouldn’t use the term “Islamic terrorism”

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Hijab – between east and west

February 1st marks International Hijab Day, a day to raise awareness for the practice of covering the hair by Muslim women. Initially I intended to write my first blog post on that date but hey, as a practicing Muslim woman wearing the Hijab, my Hijab day is every day. 🙂 Hijab is looked at as… Continue reading Hijab – between east and west