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Pain and suffering in childbirth

Note: Initially I wanted to publish this post prior to me going into labor, however, while editing it I started having the contractions that ended bringing my daughter Ayah, earth side, exactly on her due date. Today, I’m publishing this post in its original version, because even after experiencing labor, I still hold to my… Continue reading Pain and suffering in childbirth

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A reminder for future parents

The thing that amazes me the most about the Holy Quran is that it contains objective truths that can speak to every mind, and at the same time it talks to the heart of the reader and sheds a new light about certain situations or emotions the reader is dealing with. The Holy Quran gives… Continue reading A reminder for future parents

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A Key to thriving during pregnancy

It may seem like pregnancy is a mess, like it’s all over the place with all its hormonal unbalance, morning sickness, clumsiness, mood swings, heartburn, fatigue and pain. It is extremely hard to predict how our pregnancy is going to unfold, what will be the next symptom we are likely to feel and how to… Continue reading A Key to thriving during pregnancy