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A reminder for future parents

The thing that amazes me the most about the Holy Quran is that it contains objective truths that can speak to every mind, and at the same time it talks to the heart of the reader and sheds a new light about certain situations or emotions the reader is dealing with. The Holy Quran gives specific truths about the process of procreation, and at the same time gives comfort and advice to parents. These two qualities make this book a living book, relevant for every time and age.

I have been reading this Book for years and years, and every time I find myself stopping to reflect at the meaning of different verses, that happened to evoke a certain emotion in me in that moment in time, or happened to address something I’ve been thinking about lately. The following two verses have been demanding a lot of attention from me every time I read them, because they address the issue of pregnancy and childbirth:


The first verse mentions the state of fear and anxiety that parents-to-be go through before their baby is born, will the baby be healthy? How will the delivery go? And how will they cope postpartum? Thus they turn towards their God, seeking his blessings.

The second verse shows a transformation that happens later, after the baby is born, when parents start associating partners with God upon that which was given to them (the child).

Idol worshiping today, might not be exactly what comes to our mind. Yet, it is still prevalent today as it was before. It is not necessarily in the literal “worship” of stones. However, anything that competes in our lives with God is considered an idol. It could even be a TV show that takes us away from our daily prayers.

We might wonder, how is it even possible to associate any partners with God in regards of our pregnancy or childbirth??

But a brief look around us will reveal to us exactly how. In the west and today also in the east, we find that a lot of vanity is associated with childbirth: For example, putting a lot of resources in the preparations for the newborn, indulging in shopping and planning over-the-top parties to celebrate the occasion. The moment we find out we are pregnant suddenly we become surrounded by so many advertisements: Every company is racing to get our attention about what is new and trendy for newborns.

Every article that you will read will be recommending a lot of things to buy prior to your baby’s arrival. The truth is that baby will need some of those things, but certainly not everything that the market offers!

If we fall into this cycle of vanity we might end up acting against the warning of the verses above. This in no way implies that parents should not be happy and excited for the new baby. However, if this comes between us and our goal in life, this could, no doubt, become a new form of idol worshiping.

It is good to be in the habit of constantly assessing ourselves and our actions, how much are we allowing materialism and consumerism be part of this holy journey? Are we affected by every Add or article for “new born essentials?” and how are we maintaining our spiritual life in this materialistic world?

May we be able to put God first in this holy journey, so the transition to parenthood is guarded by His blessings.




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