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A Key to thriving during pregnancy

It may seem like pregnancy is a mess, like it’s all over the place with all its hormonal unbalance, morning sickness, clumsiness, mood swings, heartburn, fatigue and pain. It is extremely hard to predict how our pregnancy is going to unfold, what will be the next symptom we are likely to feel and how to control it.

iconWe as pregnant women deal with two kinds of stress: a physical stress that comes from physically carrying a baby inside us. And an emotional stress that comes from the realization of the huge responsibility we are about to partake. The excitement about having a baby may soon be replaced with self-pity, anxiety, worry and stress… We might find ourselves dealing with sporadic thoughts like: Can I do this? Is my body strong enough? What kind of a role model will I be for this baby? Will God bless this this new addition to our family?

Let us stop here for a second, and try to look at these worries from a different angle.

Majority of pregnant women start feeling uncomfortable symptoms around the 6th week of pregnancy. What is happening during this time? This is when the fertilized egg reaches the uterus wall and attaches itself to it, and from this a placenta and an embryo start to form. The placenta is responsible for producing pregnancy hormones, the reason behind those slightly annoying symptoms. This is a crucial stage in our pregnancy, some will argue that it is the most crucial.

And what about those hormones? They are extremely important! They are telling your body that there’s a baby developing inside you, they allow your body to tolerate a foreign DNA, they relax your uterus muscles in order for the womb to stretch and grow, they help the development of the baby, they prepare your body for labor and breastfeeding even in early stages of pregnancy. In addition to that, they might slow you down, make you want to sleep more and eat foods that won’t trigger nausea. That’s their job.


What helped me go through those rough times, and what I hope and pray will help you too, is working on my relationship with God, and increasing my trust in Him.
If we are lucky, our instincts will be driving us automatically to elongate our prostration, concentrate more during prayer and all together try to work more on our spiritual state. However, if your natural instinct is not drawing you closer to the prayer mat, make a conscious decision to do so.

For many of us, the time of pregnancy is our first strong encounter with the unseen. We are basically forced to believe in something we don’t see or feel in the early months. So we looking at things with our spiritual eye. It is a time of heightened spiritual strength if used properly. And this is a great gift for us and for our growing baby.
It is important to always remember the blessing we are living in at the moment: Our body is nourishing this little creature, who is a creation of God. Our body was designed perfectly to perform this task to its perfection. Our God has already thought of the smallest of details.

God states:It is easy for Me, and indeed I created thee before, when thou wast nothing.’
[Quran, 19:10]

Let’s talk about easy day-to-day steps to establish this trust in God.

Surrendering to God and to my body and trusting the perfect system of procreation was my ultimate way to go through pregnancy up until this point. I tried these easy methods, and soon after felt much better, not only that my stress level went down a notch, I started accepting those symptoms and even slightly appreciating them.

  1. Ask Him. It’s the easiest and most guaranteed way. God, all I want is to trust in You and trust in Your system, please grant me this relief.
  2. Find what verses give you comfort in the Holy Quran, mark them, write them in front of you and hang them around the house, we could all use a pick-me-up verse after another round of vomiting.
  3. Read about pregnancy. The more knowledge you have, the more you will understand the puzzle of pregnancy and you become confident in your Creator.
  4. Reflect on His signs, the Quran states that those who ponder over the creation of the heavens and the earth are granted understanding. Reading will give you information, reflecting on what you read will give you knowledge.
    Try dedicating few minutes for this every day, just before you start your day while still in bed, or before you fall asleep, while hanging the laundry or doing the dishes. Small practices will go a long way.
  5. Using those times of hardship to pray more, we all heard that the prayer of the sick is always answered, make use of that.
  6. listening to our bodies, try to find what makes you feel better, what foods your stomach tolerates more, give yourself time to rest, and talk to your health provider if you feel you might need an extra help.

I wholeheartedly believe that childbearing is an empowerment to women, trusting God in this process not only will help us go through it much more smoothly, it will carry on with us for the rest of our lives and be a source of comfort in the bigger task of raising a child.

Is it possible to thrive through pregnancy? And what are your ways to achieve that? Please share with the rest of us in a comment below.

Share this with someone that needs this reminder, and help us spread the word.

See you next week,



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