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Two forgotten facts while preparing for a baby

Alhmadulellah, I’m 24 weeks pregnant! And ever since I’ve found out, I’ve been devouring every pregnancy guide/app/video that I could find. With all this research I found little to no Islamic guide for this miraculous journey, and I felt like I couldn’t be the only one struggling with this. So I set a goal to myself to try to make this journey of mine beneficial for other women that try to lead a religious and spiritual life.

With Allah’s help, I will be publishing some posts in regards of the journey of childbearing, trying to shed an Islamic and spiritual view point on this beautiful life changing experience. So stay tuned to that!

Months before our baby is born we start the preparations, many are very much needed in order to make the baby’s arrival into this world as smooth as possible. Many will pay attention to the religious aspect of child raising and start praying for their future baby months before he/she is born. If you are doing so, congratulations! You are on the right path for preparing for this grand experience. Some of us might forget two important things that could have a huge impact on your baby’s entry to this world, allow me to address these two topics.

Your routine during pregnancy is very important

It is said that a woman approached Sigmund Freud and asked him at what age should she begin the education of her child. “How old is your youngster?” he inquired. “Five months old,” she replied. To which he retorted: “You’re already 14 months too late.”

For nine whole months, a mother is the connection between her baby and the outer world, everything she says, consumes, and feels will be an indicator for what’s waiting for her baby in the world outside. The routine you can set for yourself will most likely affect the baby during those nine months, but not only that. The foundation to many things that the baby will learn will begin when he/she is still in the womb of her mother.

Try getting your baby used to your religious lifestyle while he/she is still inside your womb. It is a fact that by 24 weeks, the baby’s hearing is fully developed and he/she can differentiate between your voice and others, the baby might even respond to certain voices and sounds.

Researchers have found that babies will recognize a story that was read to them while they were in the womb, once they hear it after they are born they will suck on their pacifier more vigorously, a sign of them showing an interest in what they are hearing. (

The 9 months of carrying a child is not a waiting period, your baby is growing and developing inside the womb and you should be in preparation as well.

Would it not be amazing to have your baby recognize the sound of reading the Holy Quran? Or the sound of prayer in congregation? You have the power to create just that if you decide to. Below are some suggestions to day-to-day things you can do to help introduce your religion to your baby prior to his/her birth:

  • If possible, read your prayers in congregation so the baby hears the sound of it, if it is not possible, try vocalizing your five daily prayers.
  • Read the Holy Quran daily, as much as possible, and engage with your baby while doing that, for example you can explain to the baby what you are doing, or touch your pregnant belly as you read.
  • Listen to the Holy Quran while doing house work.


Your physical home has immense role in raising your child

The second place (after the mother’s womb) that will be nourishing and hosting your baby will be your physical house. The baby will spend most of his/her early childhood there. It is a place of great importance. I will put aside the talk about preparing the nursery or baby-proofing the house and focus on the Islamic aspect of preparing a house for a child: visualizing your religion in your home.

A mosque has a great role in educating and creating a space for our religion, however, many mothers would feel uncomfortable about starting to take their child to the mosque right after the birth. I completely understand and second that. However, it is important to create that place of worship inside your house, whether be it a room, a corner or a basement that the family prays in.

Establishing a place for worship inside the house will benefit all people living in the house and help you establish the most important pillar of Islam: prayer. But more so, it will make the task of familiarizing your baby with the act of worship much easier. Make sure that as long as the baby is quiet he spends time in this place while prayer is read. As your baby grows and learns you will begin seeing how he/she mimics you and your family’s behavior.


What else do you think people forget when preparing for child raising? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments, we are here to share and learn.

Please share this with your friends and family, especially with anyone who is expecting a child.



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