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The Promised Reformer & the Arab world

“Peace be on you, dear righteous and pure Arabs, Peace be on you, the dwellers of the lands of the Prophets, and the neighbors of the sacred house of God (Ka’aba).”

“… May Allah the Almighty have mercy on you, and be pleased with you and bless you. Surely, I splendidly believe in you, and my soul is thirsty for meeting you. I desire to see the beauty of your countries, and the blessed color of your skin, to be blessed to visit the foothold of the best of creationsa. And make the land that he has stepped on the Kohl of my eyes.”
(Ruhani Khazai’n Vol 5 page 419-421)

The Promised Messiah had a great love for the Arab world and Arab people, and he had great passion for calling those righteous and purified Arabs into the fold of his Jama’at. This seed of love has also been planted in the hearts of his followers, especially in the hearts of his Khulafa. The cases concerning the Arab world have always been highly addressed by the leaders of this community, and the Khulafa were constantly giving guidance in regards of global events affecting the Arab world.

The Khilafat of Hazrat Musleh Maudra lasted from 1914 to 1965, those years were crucial on the scale of the Jama’at and its expansion, but more than that, on the scale of the world. A quick look at the timeline of his blessed Khilafat, and the events of the world during that era, shows us that he had to present a firm opinion regarding them, such as the first and the second world wars and the colonization of the Arab world  and the Christian missions there. Arguably the event that had the deepest effect on the Arab world was the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.

After the First World War, the Middle East was divided and colonized by the English, French and Italians.
These colonial missions in the Arab world, similar to the one in India, were accompanied by Christian scholars who tried to convert Muslims to Christianity. Muslims were not able to answer their allegations against Islam, the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet(sa). Then, The Jama’at started to send missionaries to the Middle East, to give them the message of the Promised Messiah, and they were able to answer the allegations raised by the Christians.
Among the missionaries was Mawlana Jaluldin Shams who was the first missionary to the Arab world. He was sent to Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. Mawlana Walliullah Shah, Mawlana Abu Al-Ataa’ Al-Jalundahri and Mawlana Muhammad Saleem were also sent to different regions.

Due to their debates with the Christian clerics, the missionaries often faced persecution from the colonizing power; Maulana Jalaludin ra shams was forced to leave Syria for this reason.

The Palestinian case
Before anyone started mentioning this topic, Hazrat A-Musleh Al-Maud began warning the Muslims and the Arab nations of a bigger plans promoted by the British mandate to divide the land of Palestine.

When the Arabs started sensing that, they formed a high committee, this committee met the British government to discuss this decision with them, Hazrat Musleh Maud sent a letter to the Missionary there, asking him to invite this committee and give them his salam, and inform them that The Jama’at supports their mission to save the land of Palestine.

After all those attempts failed, and the tension of war started to increase in the land which caused villagers to flee from their homes, His Holiness advised people to remain in the country, and he commanded the members of the Jama’at in Kababir not to leave, and it’s because of his advice that to this day, the members of the community in Haifa are still there, despite the attempts to exile them.

Hazrat Al-Musleh Al-Maud had given guidance to the Muslim world and the Palestinian people in regards of the events in 1948, calling for their unity, being the only solution and the only way to establish the rights of the Palestinian people. He wrote two books on the topic saying it is not only the case of Palestine, but that of Medina, not the case of Jerusalem, but that of Mecca; The enemy is attacking Islam as whole, thus, we should be united in order to defend it.

His involvement in this case, was very much appreciated by Middle-Eastern newspapers:

Selected newspapers writing about Al-Mosleh Al-Maud and his contribution to the Palestinian case

So, If someone is ever to claim that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at was a seed of the British mandate, or supports the atrocities committed by the Israeli occupation of Palestinians, they must know that no Muslim group has done to the Muslim world and especially to the Palestinian case more than the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, particularly in the time of the Musleh Maudra.





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